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Due to the over developement of suburban areas many animals such as squirrels, skunks, woodchuck, opossum, raccoon, fox and fishers have no choice but to seek out harborage in and around our homes and businesses. Being able to humanely trap and remove these animals takes experience and knowledge of their habits. Experience that our wildlife control technicians  can safely and effectively provide for you.

Small Rodent Treatments:

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House Mice, Field Mice, Norway Rats, and Roof Rats, are the most common rodents that infest our structures. While they appear to be harmless to some people to others they are frightening. Also they carry a variety of diseases and spread parasites. the most important part of eliminating these Pests is to stop their food sources and remove the harborage areas. A proper Inspection of the structure in order to determine points of entry is essential in providing control and future infestation.

Live animal Trapping:



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The most common areas that wild animals seek harborage and get into are our attics, under decks and porches, and in and under outbuildings such as sheds and garages. However there have been many times that we have received calls for an animal in the fireplace or wood stove flue. Also have you ever come home to an animal in the basement. Many climbing animals such as squirrels and raccoon access chimney voids to seek harborage and sometimes they fall in and can't get back up to the top. So it's out the only other way which is into your structure. Trapping in basemenst and fireplaces is not uncommon but knowing how to do it makes all the difference.

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Birds and Bats: Removal and Exclusion: click  here for information

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Big and Little Brown bats (different species) basically both have the same habits and needs. They feed on Flying Insects such as bees, moths, mosquitos and flies. These pests find their way in and around our dwellings and the Bats follow closely behind. If there is a way for them to enter and enough room to roost and populate they can become quite a problem. Their young do not go out and feed like the adults. Bats are mammals and thereforre feed off milk from their mothers. they are most active in the summer months and this is also when the young are born. Performing just an exclusion at the wrong time of year could leave these young abandoned in the structure. We provide a service to repel all the Bats, including the young from the area where they are roosting. then an exclusion to keep others from returning.
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Pigeons Sparrows and Starlings not only leave unsightly droppings, but also build nests that contain parasites such as bird mites and lice. On roofs the droppings can deteriorate asphalt shingles wich can result in costly reapirs. Safely removing the Birds and treating the nesting areas for parasites is a must an any situation. And knowing which material to use in order to keep them from roosting is essential for a successful exclusion.  

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